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Welcome to Me!

I am a story teller! I have been collecting stories for a very long time.  Everyone   has at least one story to tell. It's people who make life interesting. You can listen to my collection of stories on either my audio blog  Talk 49  -  or,  on my radio show, ,  Tram 49 on Radio Orange - 94.0. in Vienna every Friday from 08.00 til 09.00, and, of course, on line as well.

Online Teaching/teaching - All ages, all levels, groups or individuals.  Conversation, grammar, etc.  (SKYPE and WhatsApp). World wide.  More info - email to -  -  or message me - (WhatsApp)   (Austria) +43 670 77 384 76 - I am a qualified English teacher.  TEFL 120. 

Sayings - I have been collecting and creating sayings for very many years.  Sayings reflect life.  Sometimes dark and sometimes light.  A new saying each week.

I'm also a teacher, discussion leader, artist, photographer, actor, writer, independent lecturer, speaker, broadcaster, podcaster, actor, and blogger. I live and work in Vienna.

Talk 49  This is  online talk. German and English. Regular interviews with interesting people.  Short stories, essays, and more.

My Discussion Rounds – Twenty years ago, I founded the PARLETORIUM with the intention of providing English discussion rounds. Every meeting (4 or 5 people) is exciting and subjects are always a challenge. And, of course, meetings are always good fun!  Interested?    or message me - (Austria) +43 670 77 384 76 ) - NOW ONLY ONLINE / COVID

My Art and Photography. I use my own artwork and photography to illustrate my sites. My photography is mainly black and white. I specialize in two kinds of art. Pencil Art – this is slightly abstract and comes in different shades of black, white, and grey. My second art direction is my interpretation of Schnittkunst. Pictures composed of cut out shapes of coloured paper. This art form is not only realistic but also full of movement and life. Along the way, I have had many exhibitions.

Radio - I  present Tram 49 on Radio Orange, Vienna (94.0) - Every  Friday 08.00 till 09. 00. Tram 49  is short stories, guests, music, and more. Nachhören / Archive Radio Orange

Independent Lecturer - I lecture on a wide range of subjects ranging from British humor to great authors.

Acting  – I  interpret and perform DADA! Sometimes in groups, and sometimes  a one-man show.

Nigel A. James - online

DIARIKOM  – Diarikom is my general interest BLOG. Full of stories. Something for everyone.  Read, listen, and have lots of fun!

LEXMATICA - English work sheets - used as part of online learning.

Rocket Frog - On line learning.  Great for kids.  10 years or more. Easy learning. Quizzes, songs, and short easy stories. My teaching  necessary.  Contact me!
49 Fun - Easy level English lessons - NOT SUITABLE FOR SOLO Learning

English Warm-ups  - Weekly - easy every day phrases - German and English - Lots of fun!

Sayings 49 Vienna - A weekly short saying from my collection of sayings (can also be found by going to Sayings 49 Vienna on YouTube.

Talk 49 World - Stories, interviews, essays, and more

Tram 49 - Click here for my radio show (Tram 49) archive.


e-mail –   - tel -  +43 670 77 384 76 - Vienna.

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